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These assortments contain 8 different blank note cards with envelopes per box. Their brilliant, high quality images, deluxe weight and double coated glossy finish will make your notes treasured by your friends. Each card has a carefully chosen inspirational quotation on the backside.
CS100 OP Boxed Assortment No.1 Blue Mountains (8 Cards with Envelopes: $15.95)

"If you invest in beauty, it will remain
with you all the days of your life."
- Frank Lloyd Wright

CS200 OP Green Forest (8 Cards with Envelopes: $15.95)

"What is strength
without a double store
of wisdom." - Milton

CS300 OP Gray Dawn, Beach (8 Cards with Envelopes: $15.95)

"If the eye were made for seeing
then beauty is it’s own excuse
for being." - Emerson

All 3 Sets of 24 Cards with Envelopes: $39.95

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