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v Photographer on the North Fork Quinault River Trail, ONP
vii Sunrise from Burnt Mtn. showing Sequim Bay, Protection Island, Strait of Juan de Fuca and Mt. Baker.
The Coast
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1 Common Ochre Sea Star, Pisaster Ochraceus


Looking south from “Hole in the Wall”, Rialto Beach, ONP
4-5 Strait of Juan de Fuca from the Miller Peninsula
7 Mount Raineir, Hood Canal, and Puget Sound from Mount Walker, ONF
8-9 High tide at the mouth of the Duckabush River, Hood Canal
10 Pacific madrone trees on Discovery Bay
11 Peeling Pacific madrone bark, Arbutus Menziesii
12 Dungeness Spit
13 Driftwood on the Dungeness Spit
14 Summer sunrise over Mt. Baker, Jamestown
15 Sunset over Discovery Bay
16 Dawn over the San Juan Islands from Burnt Mtn.
17 Moonrise over Sequim Bay
18 Morning at Second Beach, ONP
19 Kalaloch Beach, ONP
20 Tunnel Island, Quinault Indian Reservation.
21 Second Beach, ONP
23 Beach north of Ozette River, ONP
The Forest
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39 Officially known as an LBM, (little brown mushroom).


Mature hemlock forest on trail to Hoh Lake, ONP
43 Boardwalk trail to Sand Point, ONP
44 Sun dogs in the Sol Duc Valley, ONP
45 Western Trillium, Trillium Ovatum, Dungeness River Drainage, ONF
46-47 Sword Ferns, Polystichum Munitum, in the Elwha Valley, ONP
47 Lady Fern, Athyrium filix-femina
48 Fragile fern, Cystopteris fragilis
49 Falls Creek near Toleak Pt., ONP
50 Puffball mushrooms, , Sol Duc Valley, ONF
51 LBM, (little brown mushroom), Hoh Valley
52 Salmon Berry leaves, Rubus spectabilis, Queets Valley. ONP
53 Dosewallips River, ONF
54-55 Indian Valley
56-57 Bigleaf maple, Acer macrophyllum, near the boat ramp at Fairholm,Lake Crescent, ONP
59 Western red cedar, Thuja plicata, Heart o' the Hills, ONP
60 Icicles at Goven Falls, Lake Crescent
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61 Douglas firs, Pseudotsyga menziesii, Heart o’ the Hills. ONP
62-63 Mt. Angeles from Heart o’ the Hills, ONP
64-65 Lake Crescent
66 Pacific Rhododendron, Rhododendron macrophyllum Sequim Bay
67 Lowland deciduous forest near McDonnell Creek
68-69 Staircase Rapids on the No. Fk. Skokomish River
71 Pacific Dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, Discovery Bay
72 Lake Mary near Low Divide, ONP
73 Bunchberry dogwood, Cornus canadensis, upper Elwha Valley, ONP
75 Sol Duc Falls, ONP
76 Quinault Valley, ONP
77 Oxalis, Hoh Rain Forest, ONP
78 Ferns in the Hoh Rain Forest, ONP
79 Forest detail, Hoh Rain Forest, ONP
80-81 Western red cedar, Thuja plicata, Lewis Mdw., Hoh Valley, ONP
82-83 Hall of Mosses, Hoh Rain Forest, ONP
The Mountains
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85 Avalanche Lily, Erythronium montanum
86 Royal Lake, ONP
88-89 Hurricane Ridge Road, ONP
90-91 McCartney Peak from Hurricane Ridge, ONP
91 Sitka valerian, Valeriana sitchensis, ONP
92-93 Mount Carrie from Hurricane Ridge, ONP
94 Winter subalpine firs, Abies lasiocarpa, Hurricane Ridge, ONP
95 Winter grasses, Hurricane Hill, ONP
96-97 Winter, Hurricane Ridge, ONP
99 Mount Anderson as viewed across the South Fork Quinault Valley from White Creek Basin, ONP
100 Mount Christie from Martin¹s Park near Low Divide, ONP
101 Trail to Heather Park on Mt. Angeles, ONP
102 Mt. Bretherton from Upper Lena Lake, ONP
104-105 Mtn. heather, Phyllodoce empetriformus, in Royal Basin, ONP
106-107 Sentinel Peak from Lost Pass, ONP
108-109 Upper Dosewallips River Valley, ONP
110-111 Mount Duckabush from Marmot Lake, Upper Duckabush Basin, ONP
112-113 Home Lake near Constance Pass, ONP
114-115 Mount Olympus from the Bailey Range Trail, near Hart Lake, ONP
116 Blue Glacier, Mount Olympus, ONP
117 Middle Peak as seen from West Peak, Mount Olympus, ONP.
119 Middle Peak as seen from Blue Glacier, Mount Olympus, ONP
120-121 Mount Olympus from Lone Tree Pass, ONP
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123 Moonrise over Marmot Lake, Upper Duckabush Basin, ONP
Copyright, All Rights Reseved, Ross Hamilton Photography, Inc. Sequim, Washington