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From The Bookwatch Aug. 2002 Midwest Book Review
"...a lush revelation of superlative wonder and breathtaking beauty... Janet Scharf's brief verses of poetry about this untamed land complement and enhanced a truly remarkable and enthusiastically recommended photographic presentation."

Finalist in Readers Preference 2002 Editor's Choice Award
"Breathtaking. There just is no other word to describe the photographs in this book... While photography just cannot do real life justice in a place like the Olympics, sometimes a truly talented photographer comes along and is able to capture the spirit of such places to such a degree as to take the viewer on a spiritual journey. Ross Hamilton has done exactly that... A highly recommended book."

PMA 2002 Benjamin Franklin Awards
This is a well planned book with considerable attention paid to detail... The soft cover version does not really provide the elegant format that this book deserves. Everything about this book is clear and clean. A generous use of white space throughout allows for contemplation and enjoyment of each page. The font is well chosen and of a good size for reading... Overall, this book presents its subject matter in a stylish and attractive manner.
Picture Notes (These notes are offered for those interested in the locations of the pictures found in the book.)
Limited Edition: $150.00
Smyth sewn hardbound edition limited to 200 numbered copies. Authors signed. Matching clamshell case. With 8x10 in. print signed by The Photographer.
(ISBN 0-9708154-1-7)

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